Citizen’s Action Committee

This committee reviews applications and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding levels of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding consistent with the Citizen's Participation Plan and the City of Orange Consolidated Plan.

Committee members review applications, interview students, and make the selection for the City of Orange Scholarship Program.


NameDate First AppointedTerm (2 - 4 year terms)
Deborah Bednar06/09/202006/09/2020 to 06/09/2024
Sarah Richard07/09/201312/14/2021 to 12/14/2025
Nedra Francis04/12/201106/09/2020 to 06/09/2024
Michael Franklin07/12/201106/09/2020 to 06/09/2024
William "Keith" Longlois06/08/202106/08/2021 to 06/08/2025
Lucy Terry06/22/202106/22/2021 to 06/22/2025
Kelli Patin12/12/201712/12/2021 to 12/12/2025
Gwendolyn Gray06/09/202006/09/2020 to 06/09/2024
LaToya Overstreet
04/12/2022 to 04/12/2026
Bernita Jenkins06/09/202006/09/2020 to 06/09/2024