Vital Statistics

City of Orange

Texas Records

The Vital Statistics Division of the City of Orange has moved all the Orange birth and death records to the Orange County Clerk, Brandy Robertson. That office is located in the main building at the Orange County Courthouse at 805 Division. The phone number is 409-882-7055.

The City of Orange no longer handles vital records.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin governs the local registrar and sets the minimum requirements for obtaining a certified copy of a birth or death record in the state of Texas. You may request your records directly from the State at the Texas State website if you need expedited return mail services such as priority mail, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Louisiana Records

To obtain birth and death records from Louisiana, you may telephone 504-568-5152 or send your written request to:
325 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112