Key Industries

Petrochemical Sector: The City of Orange is strategically positioned with navigable waterways and a robust multi-modal transportation infrastructure, having successfully developed an economy centered around the manufacturing of chemicals and plastics.

Maritime Legacy: With roots dating back to the 17th century, the City of Orange's maritime industry has flourished along the Texas banks of the Sabine River. Originally established for port operations, the community adapted to wartime needs, doubling in population during World War II. The local shipyards played a crucial role, and today, the maritime legacy endures, meeting the modern demands of water transportation.

Transportation and Logistics Hub: Interstate 10 stands as a vital asset for the City of Orange, serving as the primary artery connecting Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Witnessing nearly 55,000 vehicles daily, the City of Orange's strategic location, complemented by access to major ports positions it for success in the dynamic logistics and distribution sector.

Skilled Workforce Development: The City of Orange takes pride in its skilled workforce, cultivated through a network of institutional training providers such as Lamar State College Orange, industry collaborations, and non-profit partnerships. These programs and educational opportunities are tailored to meet the evolving needs of industries, ensuring a sustainable and adaptable workforce for continued success.