Library Advisory Board


Quarterly meetings are held in February, May, August, and November.


The Library Advisory Board consists of five members.

NameDate First AppointedTerm (2 years)
Clifford Carruthers10/8/201310/8/2019 to 9/30/21
Sherry Combs
12/14/21 to 9/30/23
Judy Gobert2/14/20179/30/21 to 10/30/23
Donald Sullivan9/23/20149/30/18 to 9/30/20
Amanda Jean-Pierre
1/25/22 to 9/30/22

About the Board

Created by Ordinance 1968-14, the Board serves as an advisory committee to the City Council and the Orange Public Library. The Board conducts studies of special problems relating to library service and operations and makes library service policy recommendations to the City Council and/or City Manager.