Electrical Contractors

All electricians must register with the City of Orange and must pull their own permits which are separate from the general contractor's building permit.

The City of Orange requires proof of a current Texas State Electrical Master License on file in the Inspections Office.  The City of Orange requires an Insurance Certificate showing a minimum of $300,000 in general liability to be on file in the Inspections Office.

Electrical Permit Fees

Fee Type Fee Rate
Basic Permit Fee $15.00
Service Over 200 Amps $10.00
Temporary Pole $15.00
Mobile Home Service $30.00
Pool Ground $15.00
Single Family Homes (Complete flat fee) $45.00
Generator / Solar System $40.00
Re-inspection Fee $30.00

Inspections Required:

  • Temporary Pole
    • Pole in place, braced, and with Ground Rod.  Do not forget GFCI requirements.
  • Rough-In
    • Main Panel and all subpanels installed.  All wiring in place, but before installation of insulation.  Do not forget main disconnect at the point of entry.
  • Meter Loop (Service)
    • When meter can be set safely.  If any fixtures are not installed, cover the conductors with wire nuts and tape.
  • Final Inspection - Not Occupied
    • Meter is set, all fixtures in place and operative.