Prepared to Respond

Mentally prepared that we are up to the task by ensuring our brothers and sisters are 100% operational. Physically prepared to mitigate the emergency and not become a liability to others. Technically proficient and able to utilize all tools and equipment for scene mitigation.

Committed to Excellence

Investing time and effort into our community and employees. Customer care will be provided to the utmost standards. We will stay abreast of the latest training and newest technology. Our uniforms, attitude and performance will be held at the highest standards. The community deserves it and we deserve it!

Strive to Be Better

Complacently is where failure lurks. Honing your craft takes time, effort and dedication. Our Firefighters will be exposed to the highest levels of training, provided with the best equipment and expected to perform when duty calls.

Serve with Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty

 We’re an organization of honorable people in an honorable profession. Integrity in doing the right things right the first time while setting the standard for all to follow. Loyalty to the department, community, and those we serve. These attributes are reflected in our professional and personal lives.