Billing / Collections

Late Fees & Cut-Offs

The City of Orange charges a $10 late fee and a $40 disconnect fee. The City will no longer collect delinquent amounts in the field on cut-off day. The City does not grant two-week payment extensions or payment plans on cut-off day. Contact us at 409-883-1081 or 409-883-1065 for details.

Customer Notice

Customers will only be allowed two payment extensions per calendar year. (Effective January 1, 2011).

Utility Billing Direct Deposit

The City of Orange now has direct debit of utility billings. If you are interested in this service, please call 409-883-1081 or 409-883-1065 for information or forms.

Utility Deposits

ServiceDeposit Amount
Residential Users$150
Commercial Users Meters Under 2 Inches$150
Commercial Users Meters 2 Inches and Larger$275
Apartment and Multi-Units (per unit to maximum of $400)$150

Water Rates

Water is billed on the actual amount of usage on a monthly basis. The rate per 1,000 gallons of water is $2.93. In addition to this rate, you are also charged a minimum bill (for meter charge and the first 1,000 gallons of water) based on your meter size. Most residential homes have a ¾" water meter.

Volume charge is $2.93 for each 1,000 gallons in excess of the minimum bill.

Meter Size (Inches)Monthly Cost Per Meter
1 ½$21.77

Sewer Rates

The City of Orange has two rate structures for sewer billings. Class A users are residential users, and Class B users are commercial type users (such as apartments and trailer parks).

Class A - Residential Customers

Residential customers are billed on winter averaging, which is based on the average water used (by customer) for the prior December, January, and February. The winter average for each customer will be adjusted each year prior to October 1. The City of Orange adopted this process in November 1999.

Class B - Commercial Customers

Commercial customers are billed based on actual water usage.

Sanitation Rates

The City of Orange has contracted sanitation services through Waste Management, Inc. Questions or problems may be reported by calling 409-882-0668 or 800-627-7642. The base rate is subject to a fuel surcharge.

Residential: Once/Week Cart Service$31.70 monthly plus sales tax
Residential: Second Cart$19.99 monthly plus sales tax
Commercial: Hand Pick-Up Once/Week Cart Service$40.15 monthly plus sales tax
Commercial: Second Cart$27.45 monthly plus sales tax

Garbage & Limb Collection